Material Resources

This is a collection of manufacturers and vendors I use in some of my projects. Information may occasionally be updated, as I find new products or existing ones are discontinued.


JOANN Fabric & Craft

Joann carries several lines of fleece fabric

  • Anti-Pill Fleece – Joann’s original line of anti-pill fleece was medium-weight and came in a good variety of colors (with some glaring exceptions). This fleece has been discontinued and replaced with a new plush variant.
  • Blizzard Fleece – A fleece with no nap or pile, resembling felt. Compared to anti-pill, blizzard fleece would look like it had two “wrong” sides.
  • Anti-Pill Plush Fleece – Joann’s replacement for their original anti-pill is thicker, denser, a little more expensive, and comes in a few more colors. The right-side texture resembles a cross between non-plush anti-pill, blizzard, and minky fabric.
  • Soft & Minky, Lush, and Luxe – Even more varieties but I don’t have direct experience with them. These lines are more blanket-like.

Pico Textiles

Pico Textiles carries a line of light-weight anti-pill fleece. It’s considerably thinner than Joann anti-pill with much less fluff on the “wrong” side, and is visibly more shear if held up to the light. It is easier to cut and sew, and works well where less heat and bulk is wanted. They also offer a complete swatch card of their fleece.


Spandex House

Carries all kinds of spandex fabrics. I have used them specifically for their matte and shiny solid nylon milliskin spandex, which is available in a wide variety of colors and also somewhat dyeable. They sell complete swatch cards if you contact them.

Spandex World

Another supplier of all things spandex. I’ve only ordered a few swatches from them so far. Also carries matte and shiny milliskin, but in less colors than Spandex House.

Heat-Transfer Flock


  • StripFlock – Sheets of fuzzy heat-transfer vinyl you can cut cut from and permanently iron onto fabric without sewing. Comes in about a dozen colors. I use this on almost every hat project. Seems to be discontinued.
  • StripFlock Pro – Appears to be the replacement for the original StripFlock. I haven’t used any yet, but it does come in a wider variety of colors.


  • CAD-CUT FLOCK – I haven’t personally tried Stahl flock, but it’s another source of heat-transfer flock and thus more color choices. Discontinued but some stock is available in clearance.
  • CAD-CUT Flock II – Replacement for the original flock line. Available in a bunch of colors, including some that have no equivalent in Siser StripFlock.